SCGMA Young Professionals Group

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Southern California Glass Management Association’s (SCGMA) Young Professionals Group (YPG) aims to strengthen and shape the future of our industry by investing in the growth of the young professionals that are employed by SCGMA companies. Additionally, the program creates opportunities for young leaders to expand their network of mentors and peers and further develop professional and personal skills to advance their careers.



Definition of “Young Professional”

A Young Professional is defined as an employee of an SCGMA affiliated company that is less than 40 years old or has less than 6 years of glazing construction industry experience.


SCGMA YPG Committee Members



Benefits of Being a Young Professional

  • Build a network with other YPG members and experienced contractors.
  • Being exposed to resources, educational events, dynamic speakers, mentorship programs, strategic networking, panel discussions, the SCGMA Board of Directors, and soft skills training.
  • Receive monthly e-newsletters with helpful articles on professional development and the industry.
  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself by participating in community service events.
  • And more!


YPG Articles and Resources


Connected. Supported. Safe.

May 2nd-6th marks Construction Safety Week, an annual industrywide education and awareness event. The theme for 2022 is “Connected. Supported. Safe.” In our industry, safety goes beyond eliminating work-related injuries, it bonds our workforce together and ensures that we are always supported. Read on to learn more.



Building on Your Management Skills: Public Speaking

It is no secret that part of being a leader means having the ability to stand up in front of a group of people and effectively deliver information. Leaders regularly utilize their public speaking skills whether they’re presenting information to their team, various stakeholders, or business leads. Even if a leadership role isn’t your career goal, improving your public speaking skills will be beneficial to your overall professional development.



Women in Construction

This year, March 6th-12th marks the annual Women in Construction (WIC) Week. Founded by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), WIC Week strives to strengthen and highlight the accomplishments of women in the construction industry. Read on to learn more about the importance of bringing awareness to this cause.



Expanding Your Glass Industry Knowledge

As a Young Professional, the key to success in any role is to familiarize yourself with the industry. The glass industry is vast and constantly evolving, which makes it all the more important to be informed of what’s going on in our industry. Fortunately, we have many resources available to help us grow our overall industry knowledge. Read on to learn more.



Building on Your Management Skills: Conflict Management

We frequently have to address conflicts throughout our daily lives – with friends, family, and in our professional lives. Leadership roles and conflict-management go hand in hand, it’s part of the job. Leaders that embrace conflict are able to reach a resolution before the problem escalates. Read on to learn more about managing conflicts in the work environment.



Building on Your Management Skills: Delegation 

Delegation is considered key to successfully managing and leading people. However, delegation can be tricky business. Rather than just handing off tasks to subordinates, effective delegation skills emphasize allocating the right tasks to the right people. Read on to get tips on how leaders effectively delegate.



Building on Your Management Skills: Effective Communication

Good communication is essential for maintaining strong functioning relationships at all levels of the organization. An organization that lacks communication often results in internal conflict due to the rising amount of distrust and confusion among the employees. Thus, leaders carry the great responsibility of maintaining and strengthening the flow of communication within the workplace. Read on to learn more about mastering the art of communication.



Building on Your Management Skills: Establishing Trust

Trust is essential to the efficiency and success of a strong team and positive company culture. Establishing trust allows for a culture ingrained with honesty, integrity, reliability, and mutual respect which in turn boosts morale and motivation. So how do we build trust in the workplace? Read on to learn more.



Building on Your Management Skills: Mentorship

If you’re uncertain about what’s next in your career path, consider pursuing a mentorship! This enriching experience will often lead to long-lasting perks and serve as a resource for you to take advantage of throughout your careers. Read on for some tips to keep in mind as you embark upon your mentorship journey.



Building on Your Management Skills: Networking

In today’s competitive environment, networking has proven to be an essential and powerful tool to help one stand out. Read on for some tips to help build your professional network!




Building on Your Management Skills: Offering Feedback

Introducing YPG’s new article series Building on Your Management Skills, this first piece will focus on how you could master the art of delivering feedback to your team.



Listen. Learn. Lead.

What does it mean to “be a leader”? Read on for some useful tips that you can start implementing today.




How Do I Fit?

Read on to find out how you and your colleague’s roles fit into the “machine” that is your company.




Embracing Collaborative Leadership

Read how you can motivate your team to participate organically with this quick read.




Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Shaping Your Personal Brand

What is personal branding exactly, and how can it help you shape your career? Read this article to find out!



PIVOT! – Adapt to Unleash Your Inner Leader

Embracing change helps you not become obsolete in your industry and in your position. Find out how you can become a leader when you adapt to workplace changes.



“But That’s How We’ve Always Done It”

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or present a groundbreaking idea at work. Read on to get tips on how thinking differently can help your productivity and achieve success at work.



The Age of the Work from Home Professional

COVID-19 has shifted the way businesses operate, with many employees now working from home. Find out how to overcome common obstacles and succeed in your field while working remotely.



History of Glass in Architecture

Learn about the evolution of glass and how its uses have changed throughout the years, brought groundbreaking results to the industry, and implemented new ideas in design and architecture.



Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?

Unleash the abstract skills you didn’t know you had and find out how to apply them to the workplace with this mind-blowing article.



Storefront vs. Curtainwall: What’s the Difference?

Curtainwall and storefront systems are often used in different sections of a building and can serve different functions. Find out what those functions are with this informative article.



The Importance of Being Teachable

Being teachable can add to your career skills and training, but it can also change how you think about improvement. Read this article to discover what it truly means to be teachable.



Managing Your Online Reputation

It’s almost impossible for anyone to avoid leaving a digital footprint in today’s world. Immerse yourself with the positive and negative issues with an online presence and consciously manage your digital footprint.



Investing in Oneself

The ways in which you can invest in yourself are vast. Discover how you can get started by contributing to your 401k or IRA, taking advantage of matching programs, and pushing yourself with educational training.