Safety Materials


Employer Requirements

  • Employer Required Postings

    • All employers in the State of California are required to notify their employees of certain rights and/or obligations, such as posting some safety and health guidelines in areas easily accessible to employees.
  • Emergency Medical Services

    • Cal/OSHA regulation 8 CCR § 1512 specifies that first-aid supplies must be made available to all employees.


Equipment Precautions

  • Scaffold Safety

    • Have you ever had to use existing scaffolding at a job site to reach your work location, looked at it, and wondered if it was safe to use or not? How can you tell if a scaffold has been properly erected and is safe to climb? Learn how to prioritize safety in the workplace as you’re “sizing up” that scaffolding yourself.
  • Rolling Scaffolds

    • Safety standards for rolling scaffolds are necessary to understand and differentiate from other scaffold standards.
  • Skylight Safety

    • Unprotected skylights can be dangerous and lead to deaths. A worker may trip, lean, or back into a skylight and fall to the ground below. For this reason alone, protection from these hazards is of primary concern.
  • Ladder Safety

    • Read the most commonly cited subsections of the ladder safety regulation by Cal/OSHA here.
  • Forklift Safety

    • Lift trucks (forklifts) are frequently used to elevate employees and there are certain requirements that must be followed to protect employees from falling off forklifts.
  • Ensure Fall Protection Equipment is Inspected

    • Read an interesting California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board reconsideration about a serious violation citation being upheld for a company’s failure to properly inspect fall protection arrest systems prior to use.


Cal/OSHA Reminders