Recap – Energy Code Presentation: Title 24 Part 6


Thank you for joining us in discussing the current 2019 Title 24, Part 6 (Energy Code) fenestration efficiency requirements for new construction and alteration projects for all building types (single-family residential, low-rise and high-rise multifamily, hotel & motel, and nonresidential) when using the prescriptive compliance method.

Additionally, this presentation covered how to look for those values in the performance documentation. Once fenestration has been selected, verifying that the specified product will meet the Energy Code’s certification/labeling requirements is essential so that documenting the installed product via the installation and acceptance procedures goes smoothly.

Gina Rodda also reviewed what certification and labeling requirements are needed for specific fenestration types (site-built, manufactured, field-fabricated) and how best to work with an NFRC lab.


Below is the recording of the Energy Code Presentation: Title 24 Part 6:


Click here to view the SCGMA Fenestration Handout.


About Gina Rodda

Gina Rodda owns Gabel Energy, an energy consulting firm here in the Bay Area.  She has been in the energy modeling field since 1991 and is an instructor of several full day IOUs Codes and Standards trainings (Energy Code Ace) on the Residential and Nonresidential Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for building department staff, energy consultants, architects, contractors, and design engineers. She is a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) through CABEC, and a LEED AP specializing in nonresidential energy modeling for Title24 Part 6 and LEED.


About Gabel Energy

Gabel Energy is a leading energy Consulting firm dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve high quality, energy-efficient, and code compliant buildings while respecting overall design goals. We care about the critical environmental benefits of saving energy while embracing the companion goals of functional, comfortable, and cost-effective design.

Our dedicated staff is the cornerstone of the business and we’re committed to providing them with opportunities for on-going training and professional development. We share our expertise with the broader community as educators and advocates for strong, effective building energy standards.

To visit Gabel Energy’s website, please click here.

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