Getting More Clients with Internet Marketing

Internet marketing’s popularity increases every year, and the ability to easily promote services online has made it the most popular advertising method in the world. Businesses can now reach more of their desired clients in a cheaper way than newspapers, print media, television ads, billboards, and more with digital platforms like social media and websites.

Some companies are hesitant in integrating online marketing to their business because they do not know how to use it, do not have time, or because they do not have someone to manage it. Other companies may have abandoned their online platforms because they ran out of ideas or motivation. Don’t give up! Discover why internet marketing is important for your business, how it works, and tips on how to manage it with little company time. You will be bringing in more clients before you know it.

Why Internet Marketing?

The rise of internet marketing has changed the way customers look for contractors. They are more inclined to research services provided by many businesses to determine which contractor best meets their needs. Customers do this by looking at company Facebook accounts, websites, or reading Yelp reviews. To make customers choose them over competitors during this research process, contractors can provide information on social media and websites, like photos of past projects and a list of services.

Much like on television and in newspapers, companies can place ads on the internet to bring in more customers. Unlike traditional ads, internet ads are cheaper, can reach more people, and run 24 hours a day. Businesses can advertise on Google or any social media platform for as little as $5 a day depending on the number of potential customers they want to attract. Ads can be used to promote your company’s services, past projects, and even the company website.

Internet marketing has also affected customer service, where clients are more reliant on communicating with businesses by phone or email. Especially as contractors, it is a good idea to build a professional relationship with clients because they will remember your company and recommend you for other projects. This can be done by replying to emails on time and answering the phone whenever possible. After completing a project, contractors can also invite their clients to write a review of their experience with the company for the website. This allows businesses to see how they can improve their service and motivates potential clients who read the reviews to hire the contractor.

Websites and Social Media

Websites are the main source of information for companies where visitors can learn about projects, partners, suppliers, services, the contractor’s information, and what makes them stand out from competitors. Websites do not have to be complicated with countless tabs and features, but they should be informative – think quality over quantity. Short and clear website addresses also allow businesses to be easily found by visitors. Potential clients will be more inclined to choose your company because they were able to find your business and learn about what you offer. However, if a company cannot afford a website, there are other ways to attract customers.

One of the most recommended and highly used internet marketing sectors is social media. The most popular platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Yelp. While companies do not need to have all platforms, it is suggested that they do adopt the platform that best promotes their business. Having a social media profile also helps companies who cannot afford a website since creating an account is free.


It is also recommended that the contractor’s social media account be a business profile to access more tools than a regular profile. This includes the ability to post ads on the site, track how the ad is performing, and see how many audiences the profile has.

How Can I Do It?

While integrating internet marketing for your company may be time-consuming, there are ways to make it efficient while achieving great results. For example, you can partner with organizations like SCGMA to get the word out about your company using our platform. On the SCGMA website, there is a “Find a Contractor” tab that shows all our contractor’s facility types and specialties, as well as their contact information, location, and website. SCGMA also promotes contractor’s projects on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to show audiences your achievements. By having a functioning website and up-to-date contact information, you will not have to dedicate time to promoting your company because SCGMA will do it for you.

If you do have time to manage your businesses’ online marketing tools and want to learn more about how to succeed, there are many classes, webinars, and courses you can take. For instance, Facebook Blueprint offers free, 5-minute tutorials on how to manage Facebook and Instagram business profiles and how to publish ads. Google also offers free courses on making your website stand out, which may be more complicated but is still very educational.


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